Uzgen Architectural Complex

Uzgen Architectural Complex

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Uzgen is one of the oldest cities in Central Asia. It is located 600 km from the capital Bishkek and 54 km from the city of Osh in Fergana valley, a place of intimate fusion of Sogdian, Sak, Turkish, Persian and Arab cultures in history.

For approximately 15 centuries Uzgen had evolved as an important commercial center linking the East and West along the Great Silk Road on the Fergana-Kashgar direction.

Being the capital of the West Karakhanid State in XII century, Uzgen was also a center of knowledge and wisdom besides trade. In that respect, a piece of architecture dating to XI-XII centuries in the middle of the city is worth mentioning. Seemingly a monolithic structure in form actually consists of three separate tombs that belong to Karakhanid rulers built at different times. The structures are built of baked bricks and the walls of the buildings are decorated with a variety of engravings illustrating the Karakhanid classical architecture. The monuments which are partly worn over a thousand-year time period were restored in the 1970s.

Being historical and cultural symbols of Kyrgyzstan, these important monuments of the Karakhanid era shed light on the understanding of art of the period.

Nowadays, Uzgen still maintains its value as an important cultural and commercial center of the Fergana valley and the Uzgen Architectural Complex that decorates the city center is an important destination for both domestic and foreign tourists.

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