Sulaiman Too Sacred Mountain

Sulaiman Too Sacred Mountain

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Sulaiman Too Sacred Mountain is located in the center of Osh. It is is the first UNESCO World Heritage Site listed from Kyrgyzstan. Some historical and theological works, written sources and ancient manuscripts mention that 366 of the 124 thousand prophets sent down by God in human history had visited this mountain. The mountain has has been considered a sacred place as evidenced by the paintings in the caves on the slopes of the mountain.

Currently, Sulaiman Too is a historical and architectural complex at the top and on the slopes of which there are many historical monuments of different eras such as caves with ancient petroglyphs, the Takht-i Suleiman Mosque, Ravat Abdulla Mosque, the Asaf ibn Burhiya Mausoleum and the historical museum with a rich collection of archaeological, ethnographic and zoological exhibits. Almost every one of these places is a unique ritual object, surrounded by a veil of mystery and legends.

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