Ulukman Bapaev

Hello dear guests!

My name is Ulukman Bapaev. I am the cofounder and managing director of Tabiat Tour.

We are a boutique tour operator established in 2014 in Bishkek.

We offer small group cultural and adventure tours in Kyrgyzstan.

Our journey started when I shared my experiences with my friend, Nurlan Jumabaev, after my 7-day trip around Kyrgyzstan.

Nurlan Jumabaev

We both understood that there was a grand potential for adventure tourism in the country. So, we rolled up our sleeves to found our own small company. Later, my sister, Aya Bapaeva, joined us as a guide with academic baggage in Kyrgyz culture (she owns PhD in Turkic Folkloristics).

Aya Bapaeva

Kyrgyzstan, indeed, is a must-visit place for those looking for different experiences. Landlocked between China, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan, the country has almost everything for a wide range of outdoor activities, such as mountaineering, trekking, cycling, skiing, rafting, paragliding, etc. That is because almost 95% of the country’s territory is covered by majestic mountains: predominantly Tien Shan and partly Pamir ranges.

Besides, it is one of the very few countries where most of the elements of centuries-old Eurasian nomadic culture are still preserved. With the advent of summer people in the rural parts of the country move up to high grass-rich mountain pastures and engage in breeding cattle, trimming wool, making felt, spinning yarn, sewing quilt and other practical activities.

Given all these, for ourselves we set a goal to provide our customers with full-scale experience based on the wealthy mixture of nature and culture. And, we always try to do that with exceptional guiding. We always guide our tours ourselves. Why?

Because, I, Aya and Nurlan were born and grown up in Naryn region. It is located in the central part of the country where pure nomadic lifestyle is still preserved due to geographical characteristic, as Naryn is the most mountainous part of Kyrgyzstan. So, this gave us in-depth knowledge of the mentalities, livelihood and culture of the local people living there.

On the other hand, I and Aya have spent 8 years in Istanbul studying and working in multicultural environment, which is a great advantage in terms of understanding the needs, wants and expectations of our foreign customers.

We strongly believe that human, nature and culture are parts of a whole and in our tours we try to show our guests the harmony between these three in the best way we can.